RELOOK RE-DMPRO15. LED-, 0,1 .  
- 14
Operating protocol DiSEqCTM 1.2 level + Go To X function
Horizontal turning 95? min.
Inclination (elevation) 75? max.
Maximum dish diameter ? cm Alu.
Programmable positions 50 satellites
Maximum dish weight 14 kg for normal operation
Motor pole length (strait part) 120 mm
Bent pole diameter ?mm
Rotation Speed (no load) 2,5?/s (H-18V) 2?/s (V-14V) ?25%
Rotation Speed (by load 85 cm dish) 2,3?/s (H-18V) 1,7?/s (V-14V) ?25%
Operating power supply 14/18V DC
Stand-by consumption 15 mA ?25%
Operating consumption  95-150 mA ?25%
Starting (max.) consumption 350 mA (80mS)
Operating temperature -35?C +70?C
Min. and max. relative humidity 35% to 100%
Connectors F type 7 mm
Connections sat coaxial cable 75Ω impedance 
Connection cable up to 30m inner conductor CU ؠ1,02mm R=22Ω/km
Connection cable up to 100m inner conductor CU ؠ1,13mm R=18Ω/km
Fine tuning step 0,36? min.
Max wind speed 90 cm / 140 cm dish 140 km/h / 80 km/h
Max permissible torque at rotation 15 Nm
Maximum static torque on idle 150 Nm
Control buttons on motor 2 for turning motor E/W
Dimension of packed into box 268 (L) x 132 (W) x 155 (H) mm
Weight with box 3,5 kg
Lifetime min. 50.000 cycles per 180? (90?E + 90?W)

Relook RE-DMPRO15
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